Our Board of Trustees

Doris Sincak President

Doris Sincak

Doris Sincak, President
Doris is from Manila, Philippines. She has lived in Morris County for 18 years. She and her husband John are proud parents of their son, John Arthur. She is currently employed in the pharmaceutical industry in the area of Pharmaceutical Regulatory in which she has earned a master’s degree at Temple University.

Outside of work Doris keeps herself busy doing volunteer work for her son’s school, such as football parent association, music booster, and fundraising events for senior high school graduation project. Doris also likes cooking, yoga, and foreign movies.

Tona Bobb, Vice President
Tona was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a Registered Nurse for almost three decades, having served in various direct care and leadership capacities, she understands the importance of health and well-being as an integral part of experiencing the more abundant life for all humanity. Tona currently serves a large population of clients through long-term care management, allowing them to remain safely in their homes through coordination of care with multiple health care providers in New York City.

Tona Bobb, Vice President

Tona Bobb, Vice President

With a foundation in Christianity and a desire for developing a deeper understanding of spiritual Truth, serendipitous encounters occurred that led Tona to study the metaphysical teachings of Christianity, including works by Neville, Joel Goldsmith, Johnnie Coleman, and Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Tona was ultimately led to visit and join a Unity ministry in New York City. After relocating to New Jersey, Tona continued her spiritual education and started to attend Unity Spiritual Center of Morris County in 2017, becoming an integral member of the congregation and eventually accepting the position to serve as the Center’s Vice President of the Board of Trustees.

Outside of her work as a healthcare professional, Tona enjoys taking nature walks, reading, meditation, yoga, volunteering at local non-profit organizations and spending time with her family and friends.

Bill Homa Treasurer

Bill Homa

Bill Homa, Treasurer
Bill came to Unity in 2000. He became Unity Spiritual Center’s Treasurer in 2007 and has also served as President and Vice-President.

Bill is a Certified Public Accountant, Registered Municipal Accountant, Certified Municipal Finance Officer, Certified Tax Collector, Public School Accountant, and Qualified Purchasing Agent. He has been the Chief Financial Officer and Tax Collector for the Township of Cedar Grove since 1983. Bill has also been a co-adjunct instructor at Rutgers University and President of Professional Government Educators, Inc. Additionally, he served as President of the Government Finance Officers Association of New Jersey during 2010-2011.

Bill resides in Rockaway, New Jersey with his wife Angela and his dog Flynn. An avid sports fan, his favorite teams are the Yankees, Mets, Devils, and Giants. Bill also enjoys the sport of bowling. He has bowled two 300 games.

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